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Giesinger J. (2006) Erziehung der Gehirne? Willensfreiheit, Hirnforschung und Pädagogik [Educating Brains? Free-will, brain research and pedagogy]. Zeitschrift für Erziehungswissenschaft 9(1): 97–109. Fulltext at
Until now Education Science has paid little attention to the fact that contemporary brain research calls central elements of the pedagogical tradition into question. The idea that children develop to become free-willed and reasonable people through educational processes is seen by leading neurobiologists as an illusion. This paper will meet brain research’s challenge head on using arguments from the philosophical debate on the freedom of the will. The position developed here is Compatibilistic: A perspective must be taken for pedagogy that is personal, i.e. the object confronting it must be seen as a person. If we take the Naturalistic stance of brain research, the addressees of education and lessons must be defined as brains, which can only be influenced causally, but cannot be educated.


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