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Kemp S. J. (2005) Constructivism and problem-based learning. In: Tan K., Lee M., Mok J. & Ravindran R. (eds.) Problem-based learning: New directions and approaches. Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore: 45–51. Fulltext at
The paper will explore the conceptual underpinnings of constructivism as a learning theory in connection with PBL as an approach to teaching. Terms such as “student-centred learning” and teaching methods such as “group-work” are commonly represented as constructivist and presented in juxtaposition with a transmission view of teaching and learning. This paper will investigate the origins of these notions in constructivism, drawing on different learning theorists, and the possibilities for constructivism as a referent to analyse teaching and learning in the PBL context. Firstly, the discussion will centre on constructivism as a theory and how it has influenced teaching approaches commonly adopted in PBL settings. Secondly, constructivism as a practice will be discussed. Finally, the implications of constructivism in the PBL setting will be discussed.

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