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Joldersma C. W. (2013) Radical constructivism, education, and truth as life-giving disclosure. In: Zuidervaart L., Carr A., Klaassen M. & Shuker R. (eds.) Truth matters: Knowledge, politics, ethics, religion. McGill-Queen’s University Press, Montreal: 46–65. Fulltext at
Excerpt: In this chapter I will agree with constructivist criticisms of traditional epistemologies and their correspondence theories of truth. However, I will also agree with traditional criticisms concerning constructivism’s relativism. Maintaining these two critiques requires developing an alternative understanding of truth. My alternative conceptualizes truth in terms of disclosure, based on the recent work of Lambert Zuidervaart. I believe that this notion of truth gives educational theorists a way to accept major educational insights of constructivism without having to relinquish a robust notion of truth.

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