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Rocha L. S. (2011) Teoria do Direito no Século XXI: Da semiótica à autopoiese. [Theory of Law in the 21st Century: From semiotics to autopoiesis] Seqüência: Estudos Jurídicos e Políticos 32(62): 193–222. Fulltext at
The theory of law, after the first decade of this century, needs to approach the new features assimilated by legal dogmatics whether to remain a space of observation and constructive thinking. The dogmatic is still linked to the language paradigm that forces the lawyers to review their semantics. For both, there is the realization of Humberto Maturana and Niklas Luhmann’s epistemological projections in law to build social networks focused on society as autopoietic. This paper attempts to show the different perspectives on the theory of autopoietic social systems and their relationship with the production of meaning and paradox, the search for a concept that can be operatonalized by law.


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