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Kühn V. F. (2018) O pragmatismo como instrumento de compreensão da autopoiese e da transformação sistêmica do Estado soberano. [The pragmatism as a comprehension instrument of autopoiesis and the systemic transformation of the sovereign State] Revista quaestio iuris 11(1): 312–329. Fulltext at
The modern state allowed the consolidation of democracy and sovereignty idea. The gradual process of transformation of the Enlightenment society raised the organization of a theoretical core (or methodological) named pragmatism. This framework of thought questioned dogmatic concepts, managing verification processes in order to delineate limits of cognition, representing inseparable phenomenon of the model of rationality from the twentieth century and explaining many secularized behavioral patterns. The Luhmann notion of social autopoiesis contain in its inside a marked phenomenon of pragmatic decision that, although it is not able to indicate a determinist future, can allow foresee in what way would be possible the overcoming the Leviathan state model, with the preservation of democracy and sovereignty notions, as well which tension elements will persist irritating the social system in this process.


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