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de Bruijn J. A. & ten Heuvelhof E. F. (1991) Policy instruments for steering autopoietic actors. In: in ’t Veld R. J., Schaap L., Termeer C. J. A. M. & Van Twist M. J. W. (eds.) Autopoiesis and configuration theory: New approaches to societal steering. Springer, Dordrecht: 161–170. Fulltext at
Excerpt: This chapter contains a review of the main themes in the literature on policy instruments. It is interesting to note that theories on policy instruments and strategies for using them are surprisingly underdeveloped areas in policy analysis. This seems to be particularly marked in the Anglo-Saxon tradition. The German and the Dutch traditions contain more relevant insights. The main explanation for this phenomenon may be that vital elements of the Dutch and German public administration system stem from a judicial tradition, suggesting a familiarity with the concept of the policy instrument. This situation implies that the concepts presented here will be derived from German-Dutch public administration. Special attention will be given to the problems which arise because of the autopoietic character of the target groups which are to be steered.

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