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D’Ambrosio B. S. (2004) Preparing teachers to teach mathematics within a constructivist framework: The importance of listening to children. In: Watanabe T. & Thompson D. (eds.) The work of mathematics teacher educators: Exchanging ideas for effective practice. Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators, San Diego CA: 135–150.
The goal of this paper is to raise questions that mathematics teacher educators must address as we strive to define constructivist teaching in mathematics. In the paper, I describe three forms of listening typically found in the mathematics classroom: evaluative listening, interpretive listening, and hermeneutic listening, and suggest that hermeneutic listening is the form of listening required of a constructivist teacher. The arguments are supported with examples from preservice elementary teachers who ’ use evaluative listening in interactions with children and contrasted with an example from an experienced constructivist teacher who uses hermeneutic listening to create a model of students’ mathematical understanding that guides her teaching.
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