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Depraz N. (2021) Author’s Response: The Good Thing about Fragility: Opening Oneself Up to the Other. Constructivist Foundations 16(3): 262–264. Fulltext at
Abstract: The pandemic is an unprecedented unveiling of our deepest vital abilities. One of these abilities, unveiled here, is the unanticipated cooperative quality of the comments, which is the demonstration “on the spot” of a supportive enriching mode of co-philosophizing, also mostly unprecedented in the standard and conflictual violent hermeneutic argumentation. Another one is the existential pathological grid applied to a process of fragility, which I rather would like to see as a modal and processual ontological micro-dynamics, but which amplifies in a nice, elegant way my micro-experiential statement. Still another ability is the acute awareness of the general destabilizing of any scientific discourse and will for secure knowledge.


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