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Ziat M., Gapenne O., Lenay C. & Stewart J. (2006) Zoomable user interfaces: Ecological and enactive [Representations: External memory and technical artefacts]. In: Proceedings of the 3rd international conference on enactive interfaces. Association ACROE, Grenoble: 239–240. Fulltext at
In information visualisation, zoomable user interfaces (ZUI) were developed in order to navigate in a big information space. They have an infinite space and allow the manipulation of infinite pans and zooms but the main drawback is the risk of getting lost in the information space. Understanding how a human being perceived the scale changes and how he is living this “zoomable” experience will help to avoid the user disorientation when he manipulate this kind of interfaces. While basing on ecological and enactive theories, we will try to bring some elements of responses in order to understand the navigation in ZUI.

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