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Ellett F. S. J., Allison D. J. & Ericson D. P. (1997) Science education and HConstructivism. In: Abrams R. (ed.) Proceedings of the Fourth International Misconceptions Seminar: From misconceptions to constructed understanding, 13–15 June 1997. The Meaningful Learning Research Group, Santa Cruz CA: **MISSING PAGES**. Fulltext at
In his recent article in Educational Researcher, “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: The Many Faces of Constructivism,” D. C. Phillips sets out to provide a clear understanding of the range of various positions involving “constructivism.” According to Phillips, there is a very broad and loose sense in which all of us these days are constructivists. In Part I, we present Phillips’ “way of the viewing the various forms of constructivism”; we consider Phillips’ framework for comparing the constructivisms. We will argue that it is important that Phillips finds Karl Popper to be situated at about the middle of the constructivists. In Part II, we argue that Phillips has not presented a full array of the significant possibilities at all. In developing the argument, we develop a framework that primarily takes into account the interrelations among epistemology, ontology, and (theories of) truth. We defend a form of constructivism in which “realism and idealism come together”. We also suggest that these matters are themselves related to theories of the person. To illustrate a broader framework, we present some of the features of a Hconstructivist view and then critically compare Hconstructivism with the Popperian viewpoint. In Part III, we use the Hconstructivist view to consider some of the important educational issues for the specialist in science and for the general student.


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