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Depraz N. (2021) Micro-phenomenological explicitation interviews and biographical narrative interviews: A combined perspective in light of the experiential analysis of chronic diseases. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences Online first. Fulltext at
Excerpt: The singularity of micro-phenomenological explicitation as an interview technique consists of referring to a “specific” moment that corresponds to a unique situation, experienced at a given place and time. The mode of access to this hic and nunc moment is also specific: it is not a voluntary remembrance but a process of “evocation” (the french term is “évocation”) which appeals to our unvoluntary concrete organic memory. By “contacting” this moment again, we are led to “relive” it by restoring all of the concrete flesh of our feeling. This singular moment is initially unrecognized, that is to say, pre-reflective or immediately unavailable. We must immerse ourselves again in this lived situation in order for the palpable flesh of this moment to return and so that, as an interviewed subject, we can find features of this moment that we thought we did not know. Some of its aspects then appear to us as new, fresh, and unprecedented, under the open and indirect guidance of the interviewer. Footnote

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