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Werner K. (2020) Enactment and construction of the cognitive niche: Toward an ontology of the mind-world connection. Synthese 197(3): 1313–1341. Fulltext at
The paper discusses the concept of the cognitive niche and distinguishes the latter from the metabolic niche. By using these posits I unpack certain ideas that are crucial for the enactivist movement, especially for its original formulation proposed by Varela, Thompson and Rosh. Drawing on the ontology of location, boundaries, and parthood, I argue that enacting the world can be seen as the process of cognitive niche construction. Moreover, it turns out that enactivism – as seen through the lens of the conceptual framework proposed in the paper – considers cognition as a kind of connection between the subject and the world. This post is pointed to as the key idea laid down in enactivism.


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