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Aden J. & Aden S. (2017) Entre je, jeu et jeux: écoute polysensorielle des langues pour une pédagogie énactive. [All ears: Listening from within and without: A polysensory experience of language perception for an enactive pedagogy] Intellectica 68: 143–174. Fulltext at
This article presents the design and analysis of a polysensory listening experience of different languages. Combining sensory design, phenomenology and language education, this research draws on the enaction paradigm. The objective of the authors is twofold: to understand the nature and structures of transmodal perception of unknown languages and to prepare a novel educational approach to sensory awareness to foreign languages. The article will explain the origin of the project as well as its theoretical framework and the foundations that dictated the aesthetic and didactic choices for the video used as a primer within the experiment. Finally, the authors share findings that suggest that inhabitual ways of listening to familiar and unfamiliar languages result in emotional filters as well as cognitive and attentional oscillations.


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