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Noaparast K. B & Khosravi Z. (2006) Mind and mental health based on a realistic constructivism. Constructivism in the Human Sciences 11: 20–31. Fulltext at
This essay concerns a philosophical examination of the nature of mind and the relevant implications for mental health. Traditionally, realism and constructivism are regarded as two contrastive positions in explaining the nature of mind. While realists take discovery of reality as the main function of mind, constructivists regard it as creation of reality. Hence, epistemologically, realists emphasize on correspondence to reality as the criterion of validity or truth of the mind’s contents, whereas constructivists regard the inner coherence of constructs as the main criterion. inner coherence of constructs or resolving inner conflicts; capability of constructs for adaption to problematic situations; and correspondence to reality as an ideal in the long run are the discussions and aims of this paper. Relevance: This paper deals with theoretical basis of mind and mental health based on constructivist psychology.



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