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Ataria Y. (2017) The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything: Or some reflections on the feasibility of the neurophenomenology research programme. Journal of Consciousness Studies 24(1–2): 7–30. Fulltext at
In 1996 Varela established the neurophenomenology research programme (NRP). This project was not designed to solve what Chalmers has defined as the hard problem, but rather to offer a methodological remedy for this problem. The NRP seeks to bridge the explanatory gap by creating a reciprocal dialogue between the firstperson perspective on the one hand and third-person perspective on the other. Yet, twenty years after Varela’s NRP kicked off, it seems that the explanatory gap is still very much alive. This paper argues that as long as subjective experience remains at least somewhat inaccessible, we will not be able to bridge this gap.


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