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Vianna B., Andrade L. A. B. & Vaz N. M. (2020) Ensinar é impossível, e aprender, inevitável: Comentários sobre a epistemologia de Humberto Maturana. [Teaching is impossible, and learning inevitable: Comments on the epistemology of Humberto Maturana] Revista Helius 3(2): 1183–1227. Fulltext at
In this essay, we propose to present and discuss the epistemology of the Chilean biologist Humberto Maturana, by means of the concepts of perception, autopoiesis and cognition and, accepting this explanatory path, comment on its implications for our understanding of three relational phenomena in the context of living: the domain of molecular interactions, in the scope of immunology, the domain of interspecific interactions, in the scope of domestication, and the domain of human relations, in the scope of education. While visiting these three relational domains, we reflect how the phenomenon of learning will inevitably arise, generated in the very dynamics of living, without the need to resort to the notion of instructive interactions, which we sometimes connote, at least in the context of human relations, as teaching.


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