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Leś T. & Moroz J. (2021) More critical thinking in critical thinking concepts (?) A constructivist point of view. Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies 19(1): 98–124. Fulltext at
The article raises the problem of critical thinking from a constructivist perspective. In the course of argumentation, we justify the thesis that constructivism is a valuable basis for both a theoretical approach (as a model) to critical thinking and a didactic design of activities focused on shaping and developing appropriate skills and dispositions. In our article, we point out that the advantage of the concept of critical thinking based on the constructivist model is mainly related to the assumptions underlying constructivism itself. Its application to the theory and practice of critical thinking implies important solutions, for the most part, on the epistemological and ethical level, while at the same time providing an attractive alternative to the concepts of critical thinking present in contemporary educational discourse.

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