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Lucantoni M. & Luisi P. L. (2012) On the universality of the living: A few epistemological notes. Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres 42(5): 385–387. Fulltext at
Excerpt: One can make the point that all living must be autopoietic. Autopoiesis is the necessary condition for any organism in order to be defined as living – there is no exception to this statement and therefore we consider autopoiesis as transcendental – autopoiesis then as the logic of organization of a living organism, or better yet, its Transcendental Phenomenology. Within the field, there is a discussion on whether autopoiesis is the necessary and sufficient condition, or whether it is only a necessary one. There is also a discussion of the relation between autopoiesis and cognition, whereby cognition has to do with the “cognitive” interaction with the environment, and is a further qualification of the notion of living. But here, in the context of this meeting, it is enough to make the point that autopoiesis is the necessary condition shared by any living entity – regardless of whether we are considering microorganisms, plants, fish, mammals… And therefore is universal.

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