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Kravchenko A. (2012) Linguistic representation of mental structures as a theme in scientific discourse [in russian]. In: Boldyrev N. N. & Demiankov V. Z. (eds.) Cognitive explorations of language. Volume 12. Tambov State Universdity, Russia: 205–216. Fulltext at
The concept of representation is discussed in the context of the general project of cognitive science based on philosophy of external realism. It is shown that talk about the representational function of language is largely speculative and not supported by biological science. It is argued that a new approach is needed in defining language as a relational domain of interactions which shapes developing human organisms, making them living cognitive systems. Relevance: External realism is rejected as a methodology in the study of language, and the biology of cognition, it is argued, is a more adequate approach in cognitive science explorations.



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