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Parmentier Cajaiba A. & Avenier M. J. (2013) Recherches collaboratives et constructivisme pragmatique: Eclairages pratiques. Recherches Qualitatives 32(2): 201–226. Fulltext at
This paper offers practical guidance for collaboratively developing academic knowledge in interaction with professional practitioners in various fields such as management, education, communication, social work, etc., and rigorously justifying it in the epistemological framework of “pragmatic constructivism.” The knowledge elaborated has the further property of being considered by practitioners as relevant for the professional practice considered. The guidance offered in the paper holds more specifically for research done in the so-called “dialogical model” of doing collaborative research. This model of engaged scholarship comprises five broad activities: specifying a research question, elaborating local knowledge, developing conceptual knowledge, communicating knowledge, and activating knowledge. The paper finely explains how to carry out these activities in practice and provides numerous illustrations of examples stemming from a completed research project. Relevance: It offers practical guidance on ways to rigorously conduct a collaborative research project (with practitioners) and justify the research process carried out and the results obtained, in the epistemological framework of radical constructivism.



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