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Mulej M., Potocan V., Zenko Z., Kajzer S., Ursic D., Knez-Riedl J., Lynn M. & Ovsenik J. (2004) How to restore Bertalanffian systems thinking. Kybernetes 33(1): 48–61. Fulltext at
Ludwig von Bertalanffy created general systems theory in an effort to counter the oversight and endangerment of humankind by disciplinary specialization. Bertalanffy desired for a holistic worldview and openness to replace overspecialization. Although widely cited and regarded, his concept prevailed only at a fictitious level, mostly as a tool inside specialization, which many scholars are neither able to overcome nor complement with interdisciplinary, creative co-operation. Similarities (isomorphisms) are not enough. Here, a system of seven groups of systems thinking principles, which serve as a framework for restoring Bertalanffian systems thinking without his exaggerations is presented.

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