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Gash H. & Shine Thompson M. (2002) Constructivism and Celtic spirituality: Beginning a discussion. In: Lasker G. E. (ed.) Advances in sociocybernetics and human development. Volume X. International Institute for Advanced Studies, Windsor ON: 113–118. Fulltext at
As traditional religious observances decline and Ireland’s consumer society competes in a global economy, we have evidence that many Irish young people find their heroes in American culture. It is timely therefore to reflect on our legacy of constructs of spirituality. Here we open a conversation grounded on Bateson’s analysis of epistemology, in order to begin an examination the Irish spiritual heritage within the discourse of constructivism. We explore the idea that it is in shifting between Bateson’s contextual levels that epiphanies are possible. This allows movement between understandings, so facilitating the construction of alternative realities. Psychotherapists call certain forms of this awareness insight, the sliding is central to being in love, and theologians call it grace.

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