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Srubar I. (2018) Autogenesis and autopoiesis: On the emergence of social reality in social and radical constructivism. In: Pfadenhauer M. & Knoblauch H. (eds.) Social constructivism as paradigm? The legacy of The Social Construction of Reality. Routledge, London: 207–215. Fulltext at
Excerpt: Let me start with some clarifications concerning the subject of my contribution. Luckmann himself rejected the label of “social constructivism,” but he did not succeed. Thus, I follow the common usage and will address the approach of Berger and Luckmann using this term. Also, the label of “radical constructivism” denotes much more than solely Luhmann’s theory of autopoietic systems, but in this chapter I will concentrate on this variant of radical constructivist theory. I will compare these two approaches not just because they both conceive of the construction of reality as a process of self-production of society. More interesting is the fact that both concepts are built on the same philosophical ground, namely on Husserl’s theory of consciousness, and that, despite their common ground, both theories reach quite contradictory results even though they share a series of corresponding presumptions.

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