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Sergeev S., Ivanov V. & Ipatov O. (2021) Enactivism in the conceptual basis of the non-classical theory of management of ergatic systems. In: Voinov N., Schreck T. & Khan S. (eds.) Proceedings of International Scientific Conference on Telecommunications, Computing and Control. Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, vol 220. Springer, Singapore: 357–364. Fulltext at
The article discusses the problems of managing complex ergatic systems containing symbiotic and environment-oriented forms of control and orientation by interacting agents. The difference in the control methods of complex ergatic systems created in the framework of classical and non-classical ergonomics is shown. The conceptual basis of non-classical and post-non-classical ergonomics is presented. The article discusses the prospects of using the concept of enactivism in the conceptual basis of ergatic systems management, which allows implementing a project of continuously updated ergatic environment, which focuses on the processes of continuous updating, operational control and correction of the parameters of the technical and human parts of the system, taking into account the cyclic processes of self-organization in the actor’s environment of the acting subject achievement of business goals. The forms and properties of intelligent entities embodied in organized environments are presented. A number of general definitions of intelligence and intelligent symbionts are embodied in existing ergatic systems that arise in the process of combining artificial and natural self-organizing systems of the environment of activity. The prospects of using conceptual representations of enactivism and constructivism in the management of complex ergatic systems are shown.

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