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Goodman N. (1980) On starmaking. Synthese 45(2): 211–215. Fulltext at
Excerpt: Readers often find in my work-to their delight or disgust-many quips and cracks, puns and paradoxes, alliterations and allegories, metaphors and metonymies, synecdoches and other sins. If there are as many routes of reference as I think, perhaps some of these devices are not mere decoration or unsuccessful attempts to keep the reader awake but part and parcel of the philosophy presented and the worlds made. While I do not know what is meant by saying that the world is simple or complex, I have some idea what is meant by saying that among the many worlds there are, if there are any, some are simple and some complex, some ingenuous and some ingenious, and even by saying that some are prosaic and some poetic.

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