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al-Rifaie M. M., Leymarie F. F., Latham W. & Bishop M. J. (2017) Swarmic autopoiesis and computational creativity. Connection Science 29(4): 276–294. Fulltext at
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De Jesus P. (2014) Can the revolution be optimised? Oh yes it can! But, maybe not. Report on the one day symposium on “Varieties of Enactivism”. Connection Science 26(3): 293–296. Fulltext at
Loaiza J. M. (2016) Musicking, embodiment and participatory enaction of music: Outline and key points. Connection Science 28(4): 410–422. Fulltext at
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Petters D. (2016) An encounter between 4e cognition and attachment theory. Connection Science 28(4): 387–409. Fulltext at
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Wallace R. (2014) Dynamic statistical models of biological cognition: Insights from communications theory. Connection Science 26(4): 415–439.
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