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Bereiter C. (1994) Constructivism, socioculturalism, and Popper’s World 3. Educational Researcher 23(7): 21–23. Fulltext at
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Davydov V. V. (1995) The influence of L. A. Vygotsky on education theory, research, and practice. Educational Researcher 24(3): 12–21.
Driver R., Asoko H., Leach J., Scott P. & Mortimer E. (1994) Constructing scientific knowledge in the classroom. Educational researcher 23(7): 5–12. Fulltext at
Garrison J. W. (1986) Some principles of postpositivist philosophy of science. Educational Researcher 15(9): 12–18. Fulltext at
Glasersfeld E. von (1996) Footnotes to “Many faces of constructivism”. Educational Researcher 25(6): 19. Fulltext at
Philips D. C. (1996) Response to Ernst von Glasersfeld. Educational Researcher 25(6): 20. Fulltext at
Phillips D. C. (1995) The good, the bad, and the ugly: The many faces of constructivism. Educational Researcher 24(7): 5–12. Fulltext at
Smith E. (1995) Where is the mind? “Knowing” and “knowledge” in Cobb’s constructivist and sociocultural perspectives. Educational Researcher 24(6): 23–24. Fulltext at
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