Foundations of Chemistry

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Cardellini L. (2008) The views and influence of Ernst von Glasersfeld: An introduction. Foundations of Chemistry 10: 129–134. Fulltext at
Cardellini L. & Glasersfeld E. von (2006) The foundations of radical constructivism: An interview with Ernst von Glasersfeld. Foundations of Chemistry 8: 177–187. Fulltext at
Sánchez Gómez P. J. (2013) The semantics of chemical education: Constructivism, externalism and the language of chemistry. Foundations of Chemistry 15(1): 103–116. Fulltext at
Taber K. S. (2006) Constructivism’s new clothes: The trivial, the contingent, and a progressive research programme into the learning of science. Foundations of Chemistry 8(2): 189–219. Fulltext at
Wink D. J. (2006) Connections between pedagogical and epistemological constructivism: Questions for teaching and research in chemistry. Foundations of Chemistry 8(2): 111–151.
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