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Foucher J., Soufflet L. & Varela F. (2001) Long-range EEG-MEG synchrony in a verb generation task: A window into the functional integration of working memory. NeuroImage 13(6): S668.
Garrison K. A., Scheinost D., Worhunksy P. D., Elwafi H. M., Thornhill IV T. A., Thompson E., Clifford Saron, Gaëlle Desbordes, Hedy Kober, Michelle Hampson, Gray J. R. R. T. C., Xenephon Papademtris & Brewer J. A. (2013) Real-Time fMRI Links Subjective Experience with Brain Activity During Focused Attention,. Neuroimage 81: 110–118. Fulltext at
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