New Ideas in Psychology

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Arnellos A., Spyrou T. & Darzentas J. (2010) Towards the naturalization of agency based on an interactivist account of autonomy. New Ideas in Psychology 28: 296–311. Fulltext at
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Bickhard M. H. (2016) Inter- and en- activism: Some thoughts and comparisons. New Ideas in Psychology 41: 23–32.
Clowes R. W. & Mendonça D. (2016) Representation redux: Is there still a useful role for representation to play in the context of embodied, dynamicist and situated theories of mind? New Ideas in Psychology 40: 26–47. Fulltext at
Florian R. V. (2010) Challenges for interactivist-constructivist robotics. New Ideas in Psychology 28(3): 350–353. Fulltext at
Garofoli D. (2018) Book review of Evolving enactivism: Basic minds meet content. New Ideas in Psychology 51: 50–52.
Greve P. F. (2015) The role of prediction in mental processing: A process approach. New Ideas in Psychology 39: 45–52. Fulltext at
Kesselring T. & Müller U. (2011) The concept of egocentrism in the context of Piaget’s theory. New Ideas in Psychology 29: 327–345. Fulltext at
Piaget J. (1995) Commentary on Vygotsky’s criticisms of Language and Thought of the Child and Judgment and Reasoning in the Child (Translated by Leslie Smith). New Ideas in Psychology 13(3): 325–340. Fulltext at
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