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Aizawa K. (2015) What is this cognition that is supposed to be embodied? Philosophical Psychology 28(6): 755–775. Fulltext at
Ataria Y. (2015) Where do we end and where does the world begin? The case of insight meditation. Philosophical Psychology 28(8): 1128–1146. Fulltext at
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Burr C. & Jones M. (2016) The body as a laboratory: Prediction-error minimisation, embodiment and representation. Philosophical Psychology 29(4): 586–600.
Christensen W. D. & Hooker C. A. (2000) An interactivist-constructivist approach to intelligence: Self-directed anticipative learning. Philosophical Psychology 13(1): 5–45. Fulltext at
Held B. S. (1998) The many truths of postmodernist discourse. Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology 18: 193–217. Fulltext at
Jordan J. S. (2000) The role of “control” in an embodied cognition. Philosophical Psychology 13(2): 233–237. Fulltext at
Keijzer F. A. (1998) Doing without representations which specify what to do. Philosophical Psychology 11: 269–302.
Keijzer F. A. (2000) Modeling human experience? ! Philosophical Psychology 13(2): 239–245. Fulltext at
Kirschner S. R. (2015) Subjectivity as socioculturally constituted experience. In: Martin J., Sugarman J. & Slaney K. L. (eds.) The Wiley handbook of theoretical and philosophical psychology: Methods, approaches, and new directions for social sciences. Wiley-Blackwell, Medford MA: 293–307. Fulltext at
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