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Corris A. & Chemero A. (2019) A second-order intervention. Philosophical Studies 176(3): 819–826. Fulltext at
Hutto D. D. (2019) Re-doing the math: Making enactivism add up. Philosophical Studies 176(3): 827–837.
Kirchhoff M. (2018) Predictive processing, perceiving and imagining: Is to perceive to imagine, or something close to it? Philosophical Studies 175(3): 751–767. Fulltext at
Martin M. G. F. (2004) The limits of self-awareness. Philosophical Studies 120: 37–89. Fulltext at
Meacham D. (2016) How low can you go? Bioenactivism, cognitive biology and umwelt ontology. Humana.Mente Journal of Philosophical Studies 9(31): 73–95. Fulltext at
Pace Giannotta A. (2016) Epistemology and ontology of the quality: An introduction to the enactive approach to qualitative ontology. Humana Mente Journal of Philosophical Studies 31: 1–19. Fulltext at
Papineau D. (2016) Against representationalism (about conscious sensory experience). International Journal of Philosophical Studies 24(3): 324–347.
Piccinini G. (2008) Computation without representation. Philosophical Studies 137(2): 205–241. Fulltext at
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