Sign Systems Studies

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Conrad C. (2020) Creating reality as a locally tailored interface: An integrational, pragmatic account of semiosis. Sign Systems Studies 48(1): 12–31. Fulltext at
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Pattee H. H. & Kull K. (2009) A biosemiotic conversation: Between physics and semiotics. Sign Systems Studies 37(1/2): 311–331. Fulltext at
Rodríguez Gómez S. (2019) Cartographies of the mind: Generalization and relevance in cognitive landscapes. Sign Systems Studies 47(3/4): 382–399. Fulltext at
Weber A. (2001) Cognition as expression: On the autopoietic foundations of an aesthetic theory of nature. Sign Systems Studies 29(1): 153–168. Fulltext at
Weber A. (2002) Feeling the signs: Organic experience, intrinsic teleology and the origins of meaning in the biological philosophy of Hans Jonas and Susanne K. Langer. Sign Systems Studies 30(1): 183–200. Fulltext at
Weber A. (2004) Mimesis and metaphor: The biosemiotic generation of meaning in Cassirer and Uexküll. Sign Systems Studies 32(1/2): 297–307. Fulltext at
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