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Armezzani M. (2009) How to understand consciousness: The strength of the phenomenological method. World Futures 65(2): 101–110. Fulltext at
Brier S. (1997) What is a possible ontological and epistemological framework for a true universal “information science”? The suggestion of a cybersemiotics. World Futures: The Journal of New Paradigm Research 49(3–4): 287–308.
Clarke B. (2019) Finding cybernetics. World Futures 75(1–2): 17–28. Fulltext at
Damiano L. & Cañamero L. (2012) The frontier of synthetic knowledge: Toward a constructivist science. World Futures 68(3): 171–177.
Fernandez J., Moreno A. & Etxeberria A. (1991) Life as emergence: The roots of a new paradigm in theoretical biology. World Futures 32(2–3): 133–149. Fulltext at
Galuszka F. (2019) The league. World Futures 75(1–2): 29–37.
Krippendorff K. (2019) My scholarly life in cybernetics. World Futures 75(1–2): 69–91. Fulltext at
Maldonato M. (2009) From neuron to consciousness: For an experience-based neuroscience. World Futures 65(2): 80–93. Fulltext at
Maturana H. R. (1999) Implications of Sacred Pleasure for the deep past. World Futures 53: 61–79. Fulltext at
Mavrinac M. A. (2006) Self as system: Comparing the grounded theory of protecting self and autopoiesis. World Futures 62(7): 516–523. Fulltext at
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