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Abdoli Sejzi A. & bin Aris B. (2012) Constructivist approach in virtual universities. Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences 56: 426–431. Fulltext at
Lesgold A. (2004) Contextual requirements for constructivist learning. International Journal of Educational Research 41(6): 495–502. Fulltext at
Butt T. (2006) Reconstruing constructivism: A review of Studies in Meaning 2: Bridging the Personal and Social in Constructivist Psychology. Journal of Constructivist Psychology 19(1): 91–96. Fulltext at
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Gage S. (2006) The wonder of trivial machines. Systems Research and Behavioral Science 23(6): 771–778. Fulltext at
Mvududu N. (2005) Constructivism in the statistics classroom: From theory to practice. Teaching Statistics 27(2): 49–54. Fulltext at
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Moser S. (2015) Sprachgewohnheiten: Benjamin Lee Whorfs Sprache, Denken, Wirklichkeit [Language Habits: Benjamin Lee Whorf's Language, Thought, Reality]. In: Pörksen B. (ed.) Schlüsselwerke des Konstruktivismus. Second edition. Springer, Wiesbaden: 97–111. Fulltext at
Glasersfeld E. von (2015) Theorie der kognitiven Entwicklung: Das Werk Jean Piagets – Einführung in die Genetische Epistemologie [Theory of Cognitive Development: The Work of Jean Piaget – Introduction to Genetic Epistemology.]. In: Pörksen B. (ed.) Schlüsselwerke des Konstruktivismus. Second edition. Springer, Wiesbaden: 81–95. Fulltext at
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Bergman M. (2011) Beyond the Interaction Paradigm? Radical Constructivism, Universal Pragmatics, and Peircean Pragmatism. The Communication Review 14(2): 96–122. Fulltext at
Matthews W. J. (1998) Let’s get real: The fallacy of post-modernism. Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology 18: 16–32. Fulltext at
Hand B. & Treagust D. F. (1994) Teachers’ thoughts about changing to constructivist teaching/learning approaches within junior secondary science classrooms. Journal of Education for Teaching 20(1): 97–112. Fulltext at
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