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Luger G. F., Lewis J. & Stern C. (2002) Problem solving as model refinement: Towards a constructivist epistemology. Brain, Behavior and Evolution 59(1–2): 87–100. Fulltext at
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Brown T. (1994) Creating and knowing mathematics through language and experience. Educational Studies in Mathematics 27: 79–100. Fulltext at
Louden W. & Wallace J. (1994) Knowing and teaching science: The constructivist paradox. International Journal of Science Education 16: 649–657. Fulltext at
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Zlatev J. (2001) The epigenesis of meaning in human beings, and possibly in robots. Minds and Machines 11: 155–195. Fulltext at
Martínez A. (1999) Constructivismo radical, marco teórico de investigación y enseñanza de las ciencias. [Radical constructivism, theoretical framework for research and science teaching] Enseñanza de las Ciencias 17(3): 493–502. Fulltext at
Niaz M., Abd-El-Khalick F., Benarroch A., Cardellini L., Laburú C. E., Marín N., Montes L. A., Nola R., Orlik Y., Scharmann L. C. & Tsai C. C. (2003) Constructivism: Defense or a Continual Critical Appraisal. A Response to Gil-Pérez et al. Science & Education 12: 787–797. Fulltext at
De Berg K. C. (2006) The status of constructivism in chemical education research and its relationship to the teaching and learning of the concept of idealization in chemistry. Foundations of Chemistry 8: 153–176. Fulltext at
Elkaïm M. (2005) Observing systems and psychotherapy. What I owe to Heinz von Foerster. Kybernetes 34(3–4): 385–392. Fulltext at
Marin N., Solano I. & Jimenez E. (1999) Tirando del hilo de la madeja constructivista. [Pulling the thread of the constructivist skein] Enseñanza de las Ciencias 17(3): 479–492. Fulltext at
Rodriguez A. J. (1998) Strategies for counterresistance: Toward sociotransformative constructivism and learning to teach science for diversity and for understanding. Journal of Research in Science Teaching 35(6): 589–622. Fulltext at
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