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Paterson J. (1995) Who is Zenon Bankowski talking to? The person in the sight of autopoiesis. Ratio Juris 8(2): 212–229. Fulltext at
Barandiaran X. E., Di Paolo E. & Rohde M. (2009) Defining agency: Individuality, normativity, asymmetry, and spatio-temporality in action. Adaptive Behavior 17(5): 367–386. Fulltext at
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Hutto D. D. (2013) Exorcising action oriented representations: Ridding cognitive science of its Nazgûl. Adaptive Behavior 21(3): 142–150. Fulltext at
Cummins F. (2013) Towards an enactive account of action: Speaking and joint speaking as exemplary domains. Adaptive Behavior 21(3): 178–186. Fulltext at
Froese T., Woodward A. & Ikegami T. (2013) Turing instabilities in biology, culture, and consciousness? On the enactive origins of symbolic material culture. Adaptive Behavior 21(3): 199–214. Fulltext at
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Kenny V. (1984) An introduction to the personal construct psychology of George A. Kelly. The Irish Journal of Psychotherapy 3(1): 24–32. Fulltext at
Luhmann N. (1992) The concept of society. Thesis Eleven 31: 67–80. Fulltext at
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Scott B. (2019) The sociocybernetics of observation and reflexivity. Current Sociology 67(4): 495–510. Fulltext at
Villalobos M. & Palacios S. (2019) Autopoietic theory, enactivism, and their incommensurable marks of the cognitive. Synthese . Fulltext at
Silverman D. (2013) Sensorimotor enactivism and temporal experience. Adaptive Behavior 21(3): 151–158. Fulltext at
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