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Glasersfeld E. von (2007) Notes on the concept of change. Chapter 16 in: Key works in radical constructivism (edited by Marie Larochelle). Sense Publishers, Rotterdam: 173–177. Fulltext at
Winograd T. & Flores F. (1987) Understanding and being. Chapter 3 in: Understanding computers and cognition: A new foundation for design. Addison-Wesley, Reading MA: 27–37. Fulltext at
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MacKinnon A. & Scarff-Seatter C. (1997) Constructivism: Contradictions and confusions in teacher education. In: Richardson V. (ed.) Constructivist teacher education: Building a world of new understandings. Falmer Press, London: 38–56. Fulltext at
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Keller K. & Zierold M. (2011) Konstruktivismus. In: Reinalter H. & Brenner P. J. (eds.) Lexikon der Geisteswissenschaften. Sachbegriffe – Disziplinen – Personen. Böhlau Verlag, Vienna: 421–427. Fulltext at
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Mingers J. (1995) Conclusions. Chapter 12 in: Self-producing systems: Implications and applications of autopoiesis. Plenum Press, New York: 205–216. Fulltext at
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Roth G. & Poerksen B. (2004) We are constructs of ourselves: Gerhard Roth on the creation of reality in the brain, on a reality independent from human consciousness, and on the relationship between neurobiology and philosophy. In: Poerksen B. (ed.) The certainty of uncertainty: Dialogues introducing constructivism. Imprint Academic, Exeter: 109–132. Fulltext at
Morales-López E. (2019) Discourse analysis: The constructivist perspective and transdisciplinarity. In: Massip-Bonet À. , Bel-Enguix G. & Bastardas-Boada A. (eds.) Complexity applications in language and communication sciences. Springer, Cham: 187–205. Fulltext at
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Rockmore T. (2005) On realism and constructivism. Chapter 1 in: On constructivist epistemology. Rowman & Littlefield, Oxford: 9–28. Fulltext at
Rockmore T. (2005) On forms of constructivism. Chapter 2 in: On constructivist epistemology. Rowman & Littlefield, Oxford: 29–57. Fulltext at
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Winning J. & Bechtel W. (2016) Review of: Biological Autonomy, by Alvaro Moreno and Matteo Mossio. Philosophy of Science 83: 446–452. Fulltext at
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