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Hart T. (2008) Interiority and education: Exploring the neurophenomenology of contemplation and its potential role in learning. Journal of Transformative Education 6(4): 235–250. Fulltext at
Spiro R. J. & DeSchryver M. (2009) Constructivism: When it’s the wrong idea and when it’s the only idea. In: Tobias S. & Duffy T. M. (eds.) Constructivist instruction: Success or failure?. Routledge, New York: 118–136. Fulltext at
Wilkinson B. D. & Hanna F. J. (2016) New horizons in counselor pedagogy: The intersection of constructivist concepts and phenomenological awareness. The Journal of Humanistic Counseling 55(1): 2–19. Fulltext at
Tobias S. & Duffy T. M. (2009) The success or failure of constructivist instruction: An introduction. In: Tobias S. & Duffy T. M. (eds.) Constructivist instruction: Success or failure?. Routledge, New York: 3–10. Fulltext at
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Butt T. (2003) The phenomenological context of personal construct psychology. In: Fransella F. (ed.) International handbook of personal construct psychology. Wiley, London: 379–286. Fulltext at
de Bruijn J. A. & ten Heuvelhof E. F. (1991) Policy instruments for steering autopoietic actors. In: in ’t Veld R. J., Schaap L., Termeer C. J. A. M. & Van Twist M. J. W. (eds.) Autopoiesis and configuration theory: New approaches to societal steering. Springer, Dordrecht: 161–170. Fulltext at
Brans M. & Rossbach S. (1997) The autopoiesis of administrative systems: Niklas Luhmann on public administration and public policy. Public Administration 75(3): 417–439. Fulltext at
Leach J. & Scott P. (2002) Designing and evaluating science teaching sequences: An approach drawing upon the concept of learning demand and a social constructivist perspective on learning. Studies in Science Education 38: 115–142. Fulltext at
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Matthews M. R. (1994) Discontent with constructivism. Studies in Science Education 24: 165–172. Fulltext at
Johnson P. M. & Gott R. (1996) Constructivism and evidence from children’s ideas. Science Education 80: 561–577. Fulltext at
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