Author J. R. Adams-Webber

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Adams-Webber J. R. (1985) Construing self and others. In: Epting F. & Landifield A. W. (eds.) Anticipating personal construct psychology. University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln NE: 58–69.
Adams-Webber J. R. (1989) Kelly’s pragmatic constructivism. Canadian Psychology 30(2): 190–193. Fulltext at
Ford K. M. & Adams-Webber J. R. (1992) Knowledge acquisition and constructivist epistemology. In: Hoffman R. R. (ed.) The psychology of expertise. Springer-Verlag, New York: 121–136. Fulltext at
Ford K. M., Petry F. E., Adams-Webber J. R. & Chang P. J. (1991) An approach to knowledge acquisition based on the structure of personal construct systems. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering 3(1): 78–88.
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