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Louise Barrett works on sociality and cognitive evolution in human and non-human primates from a 4E perspective. She co-directs a long-term study of vervet monkeys in South Africa, and also conducts research on the behavioural ecology of human populations. She currently holds a Canada Research Chair in Cognition

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Barrett L. (2016) Why brains are not computers, why behaviorism is not satanism, and why dolphins are not aquatic apes. The Behavior Analyst 39(1): 9–23. Fulltext at
Barrett L. (2019) Enactivism, pragmatism…behaviorism? Philosophical Studies 176: 807–818. Fulltext at
Barrett L. (2020) What’s Wrong with Affordances? Constructivist Foundations 15(3): 229–230. Fulltext at
Barrett L. F. & Simmons W. K. (2015) Interoceptive predictions in the brain. Nature Reviews Neuroscience 16(7): 419–429. Fulltext at
Hoemann K., Xu F. & Barrett L. (2019) Emotion words, emotion concepts, and emotional development in children: A constructionist hypothesis. Developmental Psychology 55: 1830–1849. Fulltext at
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