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Giulio Benedetti After obtaining a degree in medicine, Giulio Benedetti became a student of Silvio Ceccato and his Scuola Operativa Italiana (Italian Operational School). Benedetti has continued Ceccato’s work and formulated a complete and systematic theory, which he calls “Operational Semantics.” In terms of operations within cognitive functions such as attention and memory, it accounts for the meaning of the fundamental grammatical words/morphemes and gives a precise definition of the fundamental grammatical concepts. Together with Giorgio Marchetti he maintains the website

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Benedetti G. (2009) The meaning of the basic elements of language in terms of cognitive operations: Operational Semantics. Advanced Studies in Biology 1(5–8): 255–305. Fulltext at
Benedetti G. (2011) The Semantics of the Fundamental Elements of Language in Ernst von Glasersfeld’s Work. Constructivist Foundations 6(2): 213–219. Fulltext at
Benedetti G. (2021) The Distinction of “Good/Evil” and Phenomenal Consciousness. Constructivist Foundations 17(1): 024–026. Fulltext at
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