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Chantal Buteau is Professor of Mathematics at Brock University (Canada). Since she joined Brock in 2004, she has been teaching an introductory programming-based course for mathematics investigations and applications to mathematics majors and prospective mathematics teachers. Her research interests in education mainly focus on the integration of digital technology for (university) mathematics learning, including programming, CAS, and epistemic mathematics computer games. Buteau currently leads a research project examining students’ appropriation (i.e., instrumentalization) of programming for authentic mathematical exploration, simulation, and applications.

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Buteau C. (2019) Expected Constructivist Teaching of Programming: Necessity and Computational Perspective. Constructivist Foundations 14(3): 376–377. Fulltext at
Buteau C., Sacristán A. I. & Muller E. (2019) Authors’ Response: Shifting the Epistemological Conception of Learning and Teaching in a Mathematics Classroom. Constructivist Foundations 14(3): 316–318. Fulltext at
Buteau C., Sacristán A. I. & Muller E. (2019) Roles and Demands in Constructionist Teaching of Computational Thinking in University Mathematics. Constructivist Foundations 14(3): 294–309. Fulltext at
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