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Bodner G. M. (1986) Constructivism: A theory of knowledge. Journal of Chemical Education 63: 873–878. Fulltext at https://cepa.info/5210
Bodner G. M., Klobuchar M. & Geelan D. (2001) The many forms of constructivism. Journal of Chemical Education 78(8): 1107–1134. Fulltext at https://cepa.info/5211
Egbert M. and Di Paolo E. A. (2009) Integrating behavior and autopoiesis: An exploration in computational chemo-ethology. Adaptive Behavior 17: 387–401. Fulltext at https://cepa.info/325
Walde P., Wick R., Fresta M., Mangone A. & Luisi P. (1994) Autopoietic self-reproduction of fatty-acid vesicles. Journal of the American Chemical Society 116(26): 11649–11654. Fulltext at https://cepa.info/5527
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