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Chiari G. (2009) The issue of the unity and specificity of psychology from the viewpoint of a constructivist epistemology. Humana Mente 11: 81–95. Fulltext at
Chiari G. & Nuzzo L. M. (1996) Psychological constructivism: A metatheoretical differentiation. Journal of Constructivist Psychology 9(3): 163–184.
Chiari G. & Nuzzo M. L. (1988) Embodied minds over interacting bodies: A constructivist perspective on the mind-body problem. The Irish Journal of Psychology 9(1): 91–100. Fulltext at
Chiari G. & Nuzzo M. L. (1996) Personal construct theory within psychological constructivism: Precursor or avantgarde. In: Walker B. M., Costigan J., Vine L. L. & Warren B. (eds.) Personal construct theory: A psychology for the future. The Australian Psychological Society, Sydney NSW: 25–54.
Chiari G. & Nuzzo M. L. (2004) Steering personal construct theory toward hermeneutic constructivism. In: Bridges S. K. & Raskin J. D. (eds.) Studies in meaning 2: Bridging the personal and social in constructivist psychology. Pace University Press, New York NY: 51–65.
Chiari G. & Nuzzo M. L. (2006) Exploring the sphere of between: The adoption of a framework of complementarity and its implications for a constructivist psychotherapy. Theory and Psychology 16: 257–275. Fulltext at
Chiari G. & Nuzzo M. L. (2010) Constructivist psychotherapy: A narrative hermeneutic approach. Routledge, London. Reviewed in Constructivist Foundations 5(2)
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