Author I. R. Cohen
Irun R. Cohen, MD, was trained as a physician at Northwestern University Medical School and did a residency in pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. He has been the Mauerberger Professor of Immunology; Director, European Collaboration on T Cell Vaccination; Director, Robert Koch-Minerva Center for Research in Autoimmune Diseases; Director of the National Institute of Biotechnology in the Negev; among others. Cohen was awarded the Robert Koch Prize, the Teva Founders Prize, the AESKU Prize and an UFIS Prize, among others, and is the recipient of a Doktor der Medizin, honoris causa from the University of Hamburg. He is a highly cited researcher with over 550 publications, including the book Tending Adam’s Garden: Evolving the Cognitive Immune Self (2000).
Cohen I. R. (2017) Francisco Varela and Immune System Modeling, Closure, Cognition and Enaction. Constructivist Foundations 13(1): 151–154. Fulltext at

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