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Confrey J. (1998) Voice and perspective: hearing epistemological innovation in students’ words. In: Larochelle M., Bednarz N. & Garrison J. (eds.) Constructivism and education. Cambridge University Press, New York NY: 104–120.
Confrey J. (2000) Constructivism revisited and revised. Nordisk Mathematik Didaktik 8(3): 7–30.
Confrey J. (2000) Leveraging constructivism to apply to systemic reform. Nordisk Mathematik Didaktik 8(3): 7–30. Fulltext at
Confrey J. (2011) The Transformational Epistemology of Radical Constructivism: A Tribute to Ernst von Glasersfeld. Constructivist Foundations 6(2): 177–182. Fulltext at
Confrey J. & Kazak S. (2006) A thirty-year reflection on constructivism in mathematics education in PME. In: Gutierrez A. & Boero P. (eds.) Handbook of research on the psychology of mathematics education: Past, present and future. Sense Publications, Rotterdam: 305–345. Fulltext at
Confrey J. & Maloney A. (2006) From constructivism to modeling. In: Stewart S. M., Olearski J. E. & and Thompson D. (eds.) Proceedings of the Second Annual Conference for Middle East Teachers of Science, Mathematics and Computing (METSMaC). Middle East Teachers of Science, Mathematics and Computing, Abu Dhabi: 3–28. Fulltext at
Confrey J., Mundy J. & Waxman B. (1983) Educating mathematics teachers: The cognitive/constructivist perspective. In: Bergeron J. & Herscovics N. (eds.) , Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Meeting of the North American Chapter of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education Volume 2. University of Quebec-Montreal, Montreal: 196–204.
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