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Glasersfeld E. von (1999) The cybernetic insights of Jean Piaget. Cybernetics and Systems 30(2): 105–112. Fulltext at
Gomez P. & Probst G. J. B. (1989) Organizational closure in management: A Complementary view to contingency approaches. Cybernetics and Systems 20(4): 311–320. Fulltext at
Kauffman L. H. (1999) What is a number? Cybernetics and Systems 30(2): 113–130.
Loren L. A. & Dietrich E. (1997) Merleau-Ponty, embodied cognition, and the problem of intentionality. Cybernetics and Systems 28(5): 345–358. Fulltext at
Matarić M. J. (1997) Studying the role of embodiment in cognition. Cybernetics and Systems 28(6): 457–470. Fulltext at
Pask G. (1982) The originality of cybernetics and the cybernetics of originality. In: Trappl R. (ed.) Cybernetics and systems research. North-Holland, Amsterdam: 367–370. Fulltext at
Poerksen B. (2004) “We can never know what goes on in somebody else’s head”: Ernst von Glasersfeld on truth and viability, language and knowledge, and the premises of constructivist education. Cybernetics and Systems 35: 379–398. Fulltext at
Probst G. J. B. (1985) Some cybernetic principles for the design, control, and development of social systems. Cybernetics and Systems 16(2–3): 171–180. Fulltext at
Rasmussen J. (1998) Constructivism and phenomenology what do they have in common, and how can they be told apart? Cybernetics and Systems 29(6): 553–576. Fulltext at
Rav Y. (2002) Perspectives on the history of the cybernetics movement: The path to current research through the contributions of Norbert Wiener, Warren McCulloch, and John von Neumann. Cybernetics and Systems 33(8): 779–804. Fulltext at
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