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Umpleby S. A. (1987) American and Soviet discussions of the foundations of cybernetics and general systems theory. Cybernetics and Systems 18(2): 177–193. Fulltext at
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Umpleby S. A. & Dent E. (1999) The origins and purposes of several traditions in systems theory and cybernetics. Cybernetics and Systems 30(2): 79–103. Fulltext at
Umpleby S. A., Medvedeva T. A. & Lepskiy V. (2019) Recent developments in cybernetics. from cognition to social systems Cybernetics and Systems : Latest Articles. Fulltext at
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Winburn W. R. (1991) Cybernetics, teleology, and science. Cybernetics and Systems 22(5): 553–582. Fulltext at
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