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Mathis Danelzik has studied communication, politics and philosophy at the WWU Münster, Germany, and graduated with an M.A. in communications, culture and media from Coventry University, UK. He currently is a Ph.D. fellow at the International Graduate Center for the Study of Culture (GCSC) at the JLU Giessen. The Ph.D. thesis is concerned with strategies and dilemmas of culturally sensitive and participative campaigns against female genital cutting. His first contact with the work of Josef Mitterer came through studies with Siegfried J. Schmidt at the Institute of Communication Studies in Münster and has shaped the author’s outlook ever since.

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Danelzik M. (2008) Does Non-dualism Imply an Approach to Power? Non-dualizing Epistemology and the Political. Constructivist Foundations 3(3): 214–220. Fulltext at
Danelzik M. (2014) Constructivists Should Drop the Claim of Ethical Responsibility. Constructivist Foundations 9(2): 274–275. Fulltext at
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