Author P. De Loor
My main interests are in interactive artificial intelligence, virtual reality and their respective links with cognitive science. In conjonction with the development of automous models for participative simulation, I'm interested in the basis of autonomy. This work lead me to the embodied cognition field of cognitive science and to the open question on the possibility of connections between this field and computer simulation, virtual reality or artificial intelligence. In this perspective I'm also interested in phenomenology, constructivism and art. I teach software engineering, computer science and artificial intelligence at ENIB (enginner school) and UBO university (Brest university).

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De Loor P. (2018) Three Other Challenges for Artificial Constructivist Agent from an Enactive Perspective. Constructivist Foundations 13(2): 298–300. Fulltext at
De Loor P., Manac’h K. & Chevaillier P. (2014) The memorization of in-line sensorimotor invariants: Toward behavioral ontogeny and enactive agents. Artificial Life and Robotics 19(2): 127–135. Fulltext at
De Loor P., Manac’h K. & Tisseau J. (2009) Enaction-based artificial intelligence: Toward co-evolution with humans in the loop. Minds & Machines 19(3): 319–343. Fulltext at
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