Author M. De Pinedo
Manuel de Pinedo holds a PhD in philosophy and cognitive science (Sussex, 2000) and is a tenured professor of philosophy at the University of Granada (Spain). His research focuses on the philosophy of mind, epistemology and metaphysics from a pragmatist and post-ontological perspective.

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de Pinedo M. (2016) The Ontology of Perception: Agency, Evolution and Representationalism. Constructivist Foundations 11(2): 332–334. Fulltext at
Heras-Escribano M. & De Pinedo M. (2016) Are affordances normative? Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences 15(4): 565–589. Fulltext at
Heras-Escribano M., Noble J. & De Pinedo M. (2015) Enactivism, action and normativity: A Wittgensteinian analysis. Adaptive Behavior 23(1): 20–33. Fulltext at
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