Author E. Demsar
Ema Demšar is an assistant at the master’s study programme in Cognitive Science at the University of Ljubljana. After having completed her undergraduate studies in chemistry, she obtained an MSc from The Middle European Interdisciplinary Master’s Programme in Cognitive Science, within which she mainly focused on topics related to phenomenology and philosophy of cognitive science.
Ema’s current research interests lie within the areas of first-person research, neurophenomenology, and critical neuroscience, wherein she is predominantly working on epistemological and methodological challenges encountered in the empirical study of experience.

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Kordes U., Oblak A., Smrdu M. & Demsar E. (2019) Ethnography of meditation: An account of pursuing meditative practice as a tool for researching consciousness. Journal of Consciousness Studies 26(7–8): 184–237.
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