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Efran J. S. & Heffner K. P. (1998) Is constructivist psychotherapy epistemologically flawed?. Journal of Constructivist Psychology 11(2): 89–103. Fulltext at
Efran J. S. & Lukens M. D. (1985) The world according to Humberto Maturana. Family Therapy Networker 9: 23–28. Fulltext at
Efran J. S., Lukens R. J. & Lukens M. D. (1988) Constructivism: What’s in it for you?. Family Therapy Networker 12(5): 26–35.
Efran J. S., McNamee S., Warren B. & Raskin J. D. (2014) Personal construct psychology, radical constructivism, and social constructionism: A dialogue. Journal of Constructivist Psychology 27: 1–13. Fulltext at
Gordon D. E. & Efran J. S. (1997) Therapy and the dance of language. In: Sexton T. L. & Griffin B. L. (eds.) Constructivist thinking in counseling practice, research, and training. Teachers College Press, New York: 101–110.
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